Craving is a self-isolation fever dream about one man’s hunger that is increasingly harder to satiate, driving him to the brink of manslaughter (or man-potato slaughter) in order to satisfy his growing delusions of grandeur, paired with his prolonged confinement from others.

Food-porn will never be the same.


Featuring Rodrigo Penalosa

dop: Stefan Yap
Set design: Will Vincent

Editing: Nick Armstrong @ Cut+Run
Sound by Echoic

Studio and equipment : Park District

Onset VFX & FX: Pery McCafferty
Matchmoving: Peanut
Modelling, animation, lighting, compositing: Greg Barth
Additional houdini sims: Stuart Whelbourn @ ETC

Screen & title design : Futurneue

Grade: Connor Coolbear @ETC
Grade producer: Oliver Whitworth @ ETC

Huge thanks to:

Barney Richards, Rodrigo Penalosa, Yuki Hono-Archer, Ben Ridolfi, Phil Derham. Piers Quérée, Alex Dujet, EXTRASET.CH, Lauren Coutts, Lucy Orr, David Rodger.